About our contest

The anciet oaks standeth in Cristian from over one century,some of them are over the age of 400 years,being considered true monuments of nature,so we thought that a competition wich will have place where they guard it is a sign of respect for the ancient oaks,and for the village Cristian in its ensemble.
Thru this competition we want to promote the cultural and geographic history , the beauties Cristian village and the surroundings has to offer.
We are proud to announce the first edition of the competition MTB XC "The Ancient Oaks" which will have place in Cristian on the plateau where the Ancient Oaks are growing.
For these to happend we need the support,the understanding,the criticize and mostly your participation.
The contest is on the profile XC and it`s adressed to everyone who loves the MTB and which has a minimal experience in crossing paths with medium difficulty or slightly above.

About Cristian village

Founded in the first part of the XIII-th (thirteenth) century by the german settlers (later becomed sași),in 1362 Cristian is for the first time mentioned as Krestynefalu,in a letter of king Ludovic of Anjou,and then in 1367 (the mansion Cristian),1377 (Nova Civitas) and later under various names which will not recognize the statute of the city but , descending , will be named in documents as fair or village.

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